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This blog accompanies a recently published feature, Tall Order, in Umbrella Magazine Issue 11 – Winter 2014/15 , available to buy in print and viewable online. Thanks to Tony and Matt for their support and good luck with taking your vision to the next level.

“After nearly two years as a locum consultant psychiatrist within a community mental health team serving a small town and semi-rural area outside of Glasgow, I enter my final week with much still to do…”

“As it’s nearly a year since I arrived in Glasgow, I thought it timely to write about just what I’ve been doing here.” A summary of my work over 12 months with Homeless and Community Mental Health Services in Glasgow.

Leaving England


“Should I stay or should I go?” I asked myself when considering whether to move 450 miles from Sussex to Scotland. While changing jobs was surprisingly straightforward, relocating itself proved even more challenging and draining than expected.