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Photos from qualification for the second round and ahead of Saturday’s clash with the US


A field trip to visit a fetish priest and the pastor of a prayer camp in Ghana for the students and their teachers on the Medical Assistants in Psychiatry (MAP) course at Kintampo Rural Health Training School.

Fuller Falls


Photos from Fuller Falls near Kintampo, Ghana on 2 June 2010.

Two weeks of teaching experience on the specialist psychiatry training course for Medical Assistants at Ghana’s Kintampo Rural Health Training School to become Medical Assistants in Psychiatry (MAPs).

The reasons and background of the Kintampo Project for MAPs in Ghana with photo evidence of the journey from Accra on 23 May 2010.

An interview with Medical Assistant (MA) Mr Baah, ahead of the Kintampo Project, a new programme in Ghana where I will be teaching to provide specialist training in psychiatry for MAs, to become Medical Assistant Psychiatry (MAPs).

Hello all -am working hard in Kintampo with limited internet access Will have blogs to add soon. In meantime some patterns at Pantang