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  Camila’s Kids Company: The Inside Story – BBC documentary There are a number of reasons why Kids Company could be seen as being an important service and its high profile collapse as the result of unfair persecution from political figures and the media. With its dedicated, emotionally demanding work within impoverished communities in South London, […]

An interview with Toby Amies, director of The Man Whose Mind Exploded, for the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Faculty of Neuropsychiatry’s newsletter, Neuropsychiatry News (pg 33-37). Here, Amies describes his approach and the ethical considerations involved with filming Drako Oho Zahazar, a man whose anterograde amnesia subsequent to two traumatic brain injuries means he can never remember his personal champion

This blog accompanies a recently published feature, Tall Order, in Umbrella Magazine Issue 11 – Winter 2014/15 , available to buy in print and viewable online. Thanks to Tony and Matt for their support and good luck with taking your vision to the next level.

Presentations at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry Annual Conference; The Midland Hotel, Manchester, 10 – 11 October 2013. 1. Survey Assessing Concordance of Psychotropic Recommendations between a CMHT and the Corresponding Prescription in Primary Care.  2. Survey Assessing Changes in Psychotropic Prescriptions across a Psychiatry Caseload during a series of locum appointments over […]

One of the many buried treasures that fell from my archives during my move from Brighton to Glasgow was this feature on fantasy coffins in the Independent Magazine from 27 May 1995! Unfortunately I only kept the centre spread (part of a feature from a book, Going into darkness: Fantastic coffins from Africa by Thierry […]

A selection of my best photographs from my first two months around Ghana

Excitement builds in Accra ahead of Ghana’s World Cup quarterfinal match.