Poster Presentations on Prescription Surveys within a Scottish CMHT


Presentations at the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Faculty of General Adult Psychiatry Annual Conference; The Midland Hotel, Manchester, 10 – 11 October 2013.

1. Survey Assessing Concordance of Psychotropic Recommendations between a CMHT and the Corresponding Prescription in Primary Care. 

2. Survey Assessing Changes in Psychotropic Prescriptions across a Psychiatry Caseload during a series of locum appointments over 20 months.


Conclusions on survey assessing concordance of recommendations and prescriptions

1. The current system within the CMHT for recording psychotropic recommendations was not concordant with primary care prescriptions for nearly 1 in 6 patients.

2. Non-concordance between CMHT and primary care may be exacerbated by frequent short term appointments of medical staff.

Conclusions on survey assessing changes in psychotropic prescriptions during a locum appointment

1. During the 20 months surveyed there was an overall increase in prescribing of psychotropic medications.   Reductions in psychotropics were less common and there were no planned withdrawal of medications.

2. This suggests that multiple changes in medical cover are likely to be associated with increased psychotropic prescribing.

3. The findings of this survey maybe of assistance when considering the impact of frequent changes in medical staff on prescribing patterns.

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