Independent Magazine fantasy coffin feature


Fantasy coffin heaven

One of the many buried treasures that fell from my archives during my move from Brighton to Glasgow was this feature on fantasy coffins in the Independent Magazine from 27 May 1995! Unfortunately I only kept the centre spread (part of a feature from a book, Going into darkness: Fantastic coffins from Africa by Thierry Secretan) but 15 years ago I must have known something then that I’d go on to have a personal connection with such a culture. Apparently the practice of having your own bespoke coffin made to commemorate your significant contribution in life mainly occurs in the Ga region around Accra. Also, I didn’t see an actual fantasy coffin in use, but there’s an artist’s gallery near Labadi beach that had models available to view

Also while making one of my four separate road journeys from Brighton to Glasgow, I realised what my fantasy coffin preference would be. Should any of you ever wish to organise such a send off, then please note I would like a replica white van stuffed with as much of my vinyl, CDs, photographs, negative, photo equipment, books, journal, medical notes, clothes and other crap I can never throw away. It needn’t go in the ground either but can be rolled into an incinerator will do fine.

Anyway, I’m now all moved from Marine Parade to Merchant City with just a few more boxes to unpack and still space!. Thanks to Lorne, Sam, Al & Rona, Graham, Matt & Craig for all your help. I’ll miss you Brighton x


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