Goodbye Pantang!


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It’s been amazing! We will miss…

Relaxed friendly smiles on the way to work
Finding unexpected examples of order among apparent chaos
A glimpse into the past that seemed timeless
The Ghanaian’s generosity and respect
Regularly being confronted with having to think “what is psychiatry?”
Sleeping to the sounds of crickets and frogs
Waking at 6 to bird calls and cock crows
Surprisingly reasonably warm weather
Daily surprising revelations about Ghana
Incongruent, uncompleted soviet-style accommodation blocks
Delighted children’s calls “Obruni” whenever venturing outdoors
Casual local views on health, safety and timekeeping
Tales of intrigue and unrest
All the places I never got to see
Seeing the changing face of Ghana
The sense of space
Big wooden curveless furniture
Star beer
Fried goats cheese
The madness of the roads

Much more to come as I think of them…


One Response to “Goodbye Pantang!”

  1. 1 victor

    profound memories.i know how it feels to say goodbye.looking forward to hearing from you soon.stay blessed.

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