Two weeks of unpublished updates with Wendy


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Lobster and beer at night at Big Milly’s Backyard.
Photographs of traditional boats at sunrise on Kokrobite beach.
Wendy meeting her namesake and owner of Big Milly’s, aka Wendy’s Place.
Following in Obama’s footsteps a year after at Cape Coast.
Exploring Cape Coast Castle and catching the breeze off the Gulf of Guinea.
Hundreds of industrious weaver birds at Hans Cottage Botel.
Visit to Cape Coast scrap yard to buy replacement starter motor.
Walking 40 metre high canopy tree bridges at Kakum National Park.
Artefact and wardrobe shopping at National Cultural Centre in Kumasi.
Spluttering through slow moving traffic outside Kumasi market.
Returning to teach at the Medical Assistants in Psychiatry course at Kintampo with Wendy as glamorous assistant simulating the part of a glum patient.
Spicy chicken and peanut fish soup at Kintampo staff canteen.
Fuller Falls in the rainy season – one of us was naked.
Field testing research into insight with MAP students.
Touring a fetish priest’s community and being shown where he consults with spirits.
Fried goat’s cheese from roadside traders.
Driving through the traditional villages of West Gonga in the late afternoon.
Failing to restart after stopping for sunset photographs in the middle of the proverbial nowhere.
Being towed for an hour in darkness by helpful enterprising locals.
Motorcycle culture at the only petrol station in Damonga.
Problem solving mechanic Sully – “As in Muntari?”
Driving without a working battery to Mole National Park.
Warthogs on the lawns and baboons by the pool at the Mole Motel.
Red monkey sat in our driver’s seat attracted by monkey nuts and open window.
Walking safari with Savanah elephants, waterbuck antelopes and green velvet monkeys.
Safari guide’s needless catchphrase “Dat’s wyde-life!”, every time an animal broke for cover.
Having breakfast watching elephants in the distance from the Mole Motel balcony.
Family of 40 odd baboons crossing road while leaving Mole.
Locking keys in car with engine running while trying to keep third car battery from running flat.
Car exhaust falling off near Lake Bosumtwi and thinking we’ve chanced our luck too far this time.
Seeking sanctuary in bar overlooking Ejitsu roundabout where rogue Evangelical church had set up raucous all-night soundsystem.
Finding welder to fix exhaust in Ejitsu all before 730AM.
Negotiating necklaces at the Thursday morning bead market in Koforidua.
My first ever successful jump start on our final drive before returning to Accra.
Driving through cooler mountainous areas overlooking Accra.
Arriving home with more than we left with and turning off engine for last time.
Returning to work and working internet at Pantang Hospital.
Supervision with Dr Dzadey and abandoning my own agenda to hear her wisdom and impressions of psychiatry and life in Ghana.
Drinking too much at Rufus Gardens during send off meal with Ghana’s chief psychiatrist and staff from Pantang Hospital.

Did I mention the crash?


2 Responses to “Two weeks of unpublished updates with Wendy”

  1. This is great footage. Especially the waterbuck. Awesome! Saving for a good camera myself. Can’t wait to make this kind of magic.
    A new fan.

    • Thanks so much. Mole Park a great location to see things close up without much work once you get there. Good luck with your photowork. I’ve got lots more to add in coming weeks!

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