Brave New World


My first post – I hope!

UK election day and 5 days to go before flying – volcanic ash permitting – to my 12 week placement in Accra, Ghana. Last week I said my goodbyes to my colleagues of the last nine months and am now getting the flat ready for my departure. I’ve also since met with Mark Roberts and colleagues in Fareham about the Kintampo medical school project and former colleague and Ghana pioneer Norman Poole about coordinating some research while I’m out there. After taking my undecided postal vote to the polling station this morning, I spoke to Challenges Worldwide’s coordinator Daliah to clarify our final arrangements. They’d like to feature my blog so as well as money, phone, cameras & sunscreen, I better get cracking on the neateblog as well! More on all of those to come.

I’ve had some unexpected anecdotes shared with me recently.  Lucy Gulland, former editor of the Lizard magazine and who I last saw 14 tears ago found me on facebook. Apparently I’d made an impression as she reminded me about my reassuring assessment about her newborn’s bumped head.  I’m sure my advice on baby’s being resilient has nothing to do with her 14 year old being in a band or her taste in music but I’d be interested to hear her music sometime. Then a rare email from brother Bruce praising me for rescuing a turtle from the bottom of our pool when I was 10. Seems Bruce is still apprehensive about testudines, though my impressionable example seemingly gave him courage to help one across the road the other day. Wonder what kind of  anecdotes will be recalled in years to come following my forthcoming time in Ghana.

Possibly the tiniest photograph I’ve ever had published is in the NME this week. I missed it when looking for yesterday, you’ll find a much smaller version of the photo below of Everett True on page 14. First time quips Jerry that a band he’s in has been featured in thee NME for 23 years.

Wendy’s play, As You Like It starts tonight at St Anne’s Wells Gardens in Hove as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival and runs until May 23rd. Details here

I’ll be going down with Ros and maybe we’ll all head off after to watch the election returns at the Brighton Centre and find out what Brave New World awaits us tomorrow!


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  1. 1 Jon

    Welcome to the blogsphere Greg! Only thing wrong with this is I haven’t worked out how I can auto-follow it. Think you can set it up in facebook so that everytime you post something it automatically gets shown in your FB stream, so we’re reminded to go look!

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